Water, Environment & Natural Resources

In the year 2010, through a popular referendum exercise, Kenyans by majority gave themselves a new constitution that was promulgated on 27th August 2010. The constitution brought a complete paradigm shift in the governance structure of Kenya. Amongst it stand-out feature, it brought devolved system of governance.

The County system of governance was brought into being after the first election under the new constitution that was held on 3rd March 2013. Mombasa County was one of them.

Under the functions of the County government as outlined in part 2 of the fourth schedule, water and sanitation, Environment and Natural Resources are some of the functions that have been transferred to the County Governments from the National Government. And in order to operationalize the above devolved functions, Mombasa County Government created the Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources.

Generally, the department strives to achieve environmental sustainability, natural resource management efficiency and balanced ecosystems through policy formulation and implementation, advocacy, awareness, community participation, resource mobilization, collaborations as well as public service delivery. By acknowledging a holistic management to our natural resources and biodiversity, we aspire to be a global leader in Water, Environment and Natural Resource Management.

Administrative Structure

The department is headed by the County Executive Member (C.E.M) who draws her powers from section 36 & 37 of the County government Act. The C.E.M is assisted by a Chief Officer, created by the section 45 of the County government Act.
To promote, Conserve and protect the Environment and improve access to Water for Sustainable County and National Development.
To realize a Sustainable Access To Natural Resources on a Clean and Safe Environment
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